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Older Toddlers: 25-36 Months

Older Toddler classroom serves ages 24 months to 36 months of age, with a staff to child ratio of 1:6. Like in our Toddler Class we continue to provide the children with Themed Creative curriculum. We provide a developmentally-appropriate classroom with activities that foster all areas of development and provide them with stimulating and fun discovery through play. We begin the “potty training” process without children and families at this age. We promote creativity and independence and begin teaching the children problem solving strategies. We provide activities and a classroom environment to prepare the children to transition to our preschool age classroom. We provide a daily progress sheet as well, and provide families with monthly calendars and activities throughout the year.

Lori has been with TLC since 2015. She has been in the child care field for approximately 6 years. Lori holds her CDA from Penn Foster. Lori is married with two children, one son and one daughter.
Independence Day Observed
Friday July 3
TLC will be CLOSED in observance of Independence Day
In- Service Day
Friday August 21
TLC will be closed to children and families.
Labor Day
Monday September 7
TLC will be closed.
Thursday November 26
TLC will be closed.
Day After Thanksgiving
Friday November 27
TLC will be closed.

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As a working mother who also commutes, I am thankful for Today’s Learning Childcare every single day as their wonderful teachers have helped me to raise a wonderful, kind, and bright daughter. As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and TLC has helped to show me how true that is. I put my daughter in the TLC daycare at six weeks old, and now that she is two and a half, the teachers at TLC have become part of our family. One of the greatest comforts that I have had over the past two and a half years is that there has not been a single day that I have worried over leaving Stella at TLC. I know that while there, her teachers love and care for her and have helped her achieve all of her milestones. At two, she speaks in complex sentences, counts over ten, and sings a number of songs—all skills that TLC has reinforced and helped her to develop. Her teachers also come up with great activities for the children to do throughout the year: from cookie decorating to ice cream parties to weekly painting. And, my daughter has been bringing crafts home almost every day since she was one. I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am to know that my daughter is in a comfortable, loving, and educational environment and with teachers that I consider her second moms. I honestly don’t know what I would do without TLC. Thank you all for everything  you do for my little girl!~ Erin (Parent of Older Toddler Room)