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Parent & Student Policies

Please be sure to keep yourself informed and up-to-date with our center’s policies. TLC will update these policies yearly as well as whenever revisions are necessary to make incremental updates to existing policies.

Child Observations and Assessments / Child Service Logs / Parent Teacher Conferences

At TLC our teachers are always doing daily observations on the children in their care. Assessments are conducted throughout the year to show growth and goals to continue to work on.  DHS service logs are completed every six months on all children in our care.  All assessments and service logs are shared with families.  We provide 2 parent teacher conferences per year for parents to talk privately with the teachers about their children.  It is a great opportunity to talk about concerns or expectations for their next transition.  If the Director and or teachers request a conference regarding changes in behavior or development we will refer the family to services who can help the child and family and our staff provide better care. 

Curriculum and Activities

Curriculum and activities at Today’s Learning Childcare is developmentally age appropriate. All of our classrooms follow a Creative Curriculum Approach to teaching. This curriculum allows the children to explore their worlds in a fun and educational way. All classrooms crosswalk their lesson plans with the PA Early Learning Standards. Young Preschool, Preschool, and Pre-K programs take field trips throughout the year that coincide with their lessons. Some field trips include Pittsburgh Zoo, Carnegie Science Center, Natural History Museum, Children’s Museum, Pumpkin Patch, Apple Hill Playhouse, and many others. Our Summer Camp program also takes weekly field trips to several places around the community. 

Emergency Contact Information

At TLC we require up-to-date emergency contact informaiton for all of our children at all times. Please be sure to keep your information current.

Illness / Medication / Injuries

At TLC we encourage cleanliness and cutting down on the spread of germs, in doing so we ask our families to keep their children out of the center when an illness comes up. A fever of 101.5 or higher, an unknown rash, sore throat, extreme coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, or any discharge from the eye we ask children to be seen by a doctor and or stay out of our center for at least 24 hours. If a child becomes ill in our care we will contact the family to either pick up or if staff can administer medication that is provided by family. TLC will administer medication with parental consent, and not give over the counter medication for more than 3 days in a row. Injuries that occur at TLC are formally documented and depending on the severity of injury a family member will be notified before pick-up time. A parent signature is required on injury report and a copy will be given. We do not for any reason share information about other children and families in our care. We value confidentiality and respect family’s privacy.

Child Health Assessment

Help keep our information up-to-date, ensuring we have the latest information about your child by bringing this completed form in whenever changes are necessary.


At TLC we provide two healthy nutritional snacks per day. We provide at least two food groups, and provide 100% fruit juice and milk. Our children who arrive daily before 8:30am will need to bring breakfast, we will provide milk for breakfast. Our children at TLC provide their own healthy lunches daily. We encourage families to provide healthy choices. If a child forgets their lunch we will find something to provide them or get them lunch, a fee of $5 will be added to tuition. We have refrigerators and microwaves to heat hot meals. We do allow birthday treats and holiday party treats throughout the year. We inform families of allergies are in the classrooms. All staff is informed of food and non-food allergies to keep children safe during meal times.

Parent Handbook

Parents are required to read our handbook yearly and be aware of any changes from year to year. Please download a copy for your review.


TLC strives to make transitions between classrooms as smooth as possible. We will inform families of the transition in a timely fashion to help both the family and staff prepare for the transition. Infants and toddlers will transition based on their developmental abilities, age, and director discretion. Preschool and Pre-K children transition based on the school year to help ensure the best possible learning environment. All families are offered a transition meeting with the teachers to begin the parent/teacher relationship. Families entering Kindergarten will receive information as it becomes available through the districts. Students leaving the center, due to age, will receive information and lessons on staying home alone and being safe while there.

Our family has been going to Today’s Learning Childcare since we moved to the area in late 2012. The teachers are great and you can tell that they truly enjoy their job.

We were a little worried about what we would do during the summers once our son started Kindergarten (there aren’t many summer camps in the area that are convenient for full- time working parents). Luck was on our side when TLC started a Summer Camp Program for school age children in 2016. To say our son LOVED the program would be an understatement. He couldn’t wait to go every day and talked about all the fun things they would do during the day. I think he appreciated the variety. They would take a field trip once a week and came home with cute little projects they worked on during the day. In fact, our daughter was in the Pre-K room during the time and told us that she couldn’t wait to go to the Summer Program when she was in Kindergarten. ~ Michelle Rennie